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Uncommon Radio Live supports Indie Hip-Hop in New York City and Progressive Hip-Hop from around the world. There is no other show that does what we do, plays the music we play or has the guests that we have…..and that’s done LIVE from the heart of New York City. If there is, we want to hear it. Uncommon Radio Live is hosted by Uncommon Nasa, owner of Uncommon Records and longtime fixture in New York’s Underground Hip-Hop scene. The DJ for our evenings is Samurai Banana, who puts you in the mix for only the latest and most up to date cutting edge Progressive Hip-Hop. In between all these heaters we touch base on a variety of topics within the scene amongst ourselves and with regular guests. Tune in at Bondfire Radio every other Thursday from 8-10pm ET. This podcast feed will now provide monthly recap episodes for what we do on the show live!

Uncommon Radio reaches a milestone at 50 episodes and celebrates with Nasa sitting down for a long form interview with Billy Woods.  Billy Woods has recently dropped the critically acclaimed "History Will Absolve Me", undoubtedly one of the best releases of 2012.  Nasa and Billy discuss a variety of topics including Billy's familial roots, his thoughts on beats and beatmakers, the reaction to the album, the problems with digital music consumption and much more. 

The tracks & instrumentals spoken over played during the show in order were:

Duck Hunt (Instrumental) - Produced by AM Breakups

Pump Up the Volume - Produced by Nasa

Freedman's Bureau (Instrumental) - Produced by Marmaduke

Crocodile Tears - Produced by Willie Green

Bill Cosby (Instrumental) - Produced by Willie Green

The Party - Produced by Nasa

The Wake (Instrumental) - Produced by Willie Green

DMCA - Produced by Willie Green

All tracks and beats above are taken from Billy Woods' "History Will Absolve" LP (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/history-will-absolve-me-feat./id514690530) except for "The Party" which was from Uncommon's "We Are, Vol. 1" (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-are-vol.-1-uncommon-records/id170918894).

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