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Uncommon Radio Live supports Indie Hip-Hop in New York City and Progressive Hip-Hop from around the world. There is no other show that does what we do, plays the music we play or has the guests that we have…..and that’s done LIVE from the heart of New York City. If there is, we want to hear it. Uncommon Radio Live is hosted by Uncommon Nasa, owner of Uncommon Records and longtime fixture in New York’s Underground Hip-Hop scene. The DJ for our evenings is Samurai Banana, who puts you in the mix for only the latest and most up to date cutting edge Progressive Hip-Hop. In between all these heaters we touch base on a variety of topics within the scene amongst ourselves and with regular guests. Tune in at Bondfire Radio every other Thursday from 8-10pm ET. This podcast feed will now provide monthly recap episodes for what we do on the show live!

On this special episode of Uncommon Radio Nasa sits down for a one on one interview with Yesh aka Yeshua DaPoed.  The episode recaps Yesh's career from the recording process of Siah & Yeshua's classic "Visualz EP" on Fondle Em Records all the way up to Yesh's current projects.  In between they talk about the 90's NYC Indie Scene, the legendary Braggin Writes battles, what happened to Siah, Yesh's solo career, travelling to Europe and the West Coast, Yesh's outlook on music today and much more.  The episode ends with a breakdown of exactly how the classic "A Day Like Any Other" was created.  The run time is 2 full hours and we played lots of music as well including rarely heard tracks from the 90's and a brand new track from Yesh, produced by Soze, that's never been heard before and still not even fully mixed.  Here's a tracklist of what we played during the episode:

1 - Gravity - Siah & Yeshua DaPoed (1996)

2 - The Visualz - Siah & Yeshua DaPoed (1996)

3 - Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito (Yeshua Freestyle)

4 - Transatlantic - Unsung Heroes feat. Siah & Yeshua Da Poed (1998)

5 - Good For Your Health - Siah & Yeshua (from The Visualz Anthology, a track that hadn't been released previously)

6 - The Head Bop - Yeshua DaPoed (1998)

7 - Front Street - Yeshua DaPoed (Previously unreleased widely)

8 - Motivate - Yeshua DaPoed (Previously unreleased widely)

9 - Truly Gifted Ones - DJ Eli feat. J-Treds, Pumpkinhead & Yeshua DaPoed (1998)

10 - Sinister - Aesop Rock, Vast Aire & Yeshua DaPoed (2000)

11 - Lucky 7 - Ace Lover feat. A.L., Lil Sci, Pumpkinhead, Wordsworth, Vast Aire & Yeshua Da Poed (2000)

12 - Catch That Feeling (Exclusive Unreleased New Track)

13 - A Day Like Any Other - Siah & Yeshua DaPoed (1996)

Many of the tracks above can be bought on the highly suggested re-issue, titled "The Visualz Anthology"

Also be sure to check out Yesh on Twitter and Tumblr as well.

The beats played on the episode were (in order) "Directions" (B Side to The Head Bop single - Produced by Yesh), "The Norm" (A Side to Transatlantic single - Produced by Unsung Heroes), "Zeitgeist" (B Side to Sub Conscious' single on Head Bop, Pushin Orbitz - Produced by Yesh) and "Repetition" (from Siah's solo single on Fondle Em - Produced by The Assimilator).

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