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Uncommon Radio Live supports Indie Hip-Hop in New York City and Progressive Hip-Hop from around the world. There is no other show that does what we do, plays the music we play or has the guests that we have…..and that’s done LIVE from the heart of New York City. If there is, we want to hear it. Uncommon Radio Live is hosted by Uncommon Nasa, owner of Uncommon Records and longtime fixture in New York’s Underground Hip-Hop scene. The DJ for our evenings is Samurai Banana, who puts you in the mix for only the latest and most up to date cutting edge Progressive Hip-Hop. In between all these heaters we touch base on a variety of topics within the scene amongst ourselves and with regular guests. Tune in at Bondfire Radio every other Thursday from 8-10pm ET. This podcast feed will now provide monthly recap episodes for what we do on the show live!

This is it folks.  We did 60 episodes together as a podcast and now we are a live show!  Because of time restraints that means the podcast has to take a final bow, but we are more then alive and well every other Thursday from 8-10pm ET on Bondfire Radio.  Take a listen to Uncommon Nasa's final words and thank youse.  Here's the info you need:

UNCOMMON RADIO LIVE (w/ Uncommon Nasa & Samurai Banana)

Every other Thursday from 8-10pm ET

Hear it LIVE : www.bondfireradio.com

Hear the ARCHIVE : www.uncommonnasa.com

Follow the TWITTER : @UncomRadioLive

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This is the first ever Uncommon Radio Live Recap show, covering September 2014.  Uncommon Radio Live with Uncommon Nasa and Samurai Banana can be heard every other Thursday from 8-10pm ET LIVE at www.bondfireradio.com.  An achive of the full 2 hour program can be heard there as well and at www.uncommonnasa.com.  Follow us on Twitter at @UncomRadioLIVE.

This months recap features interviews with Lyle Horowitz, Milo, Elucid and Skech185.  Check it!

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Nasa is back for the milestone numero 60th episode!  He plays a track off the upcoming Duke01 project that he produced that will be out on Uncommon Records on 5/20.  Nasa also talked about how he no longer wants email submissions to the show, and what that means for getting on this show and what it means for artists as more and more outlets operate with a no submission policy.  Nasa also dropped some info about his upcoming tour with Vinyl Cape up and down the NorthEast in June.  Here's the tracklist he played this time out:

Beat ) Massacre in Staten Island by Lyle Horowitz

1 ) The Pursuit of Cow Meat by Duke01

2 ) Juliet Has Survived by PremRock

3 ) Queen of October by Brzowski

4 ) Rule By Secrecy by The Cloaks (feat. Existereo)

5 ) We Got Some Nuts, Man by Black Tokyo (feat. Nino Shiki)

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Your host, Uncommon Nasa, has returned from the SXNY Tour which included a trip to SXSW of course.  He gets into that experience this year and breaks down some of the music listed below:

Beat Played - "Morrocan Rug" by Hprizm

Tracklist -

1) TechnoOccult (AOI Remix) by Cult Favorite

2 ) Breakdance for the Def by Short Fuze & Nasa

3 ) Sharp Mind Dead (feat. Ecid, Span Phly and Carnage) by Graves33

4 ) NWO by Vida Killz

5 ) Banana Bread (feat. Googie) by Gruff Lion

6 ) Lens by PremRock

7 ) His Story by Shinobi Stalin

8 ) Blast Off (feat. Civilian) by Awkward

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It's baaaaaaack!!!!!!!  The Uncommon Radio Podcast is back in your area, with a brand new format, but the same old traditional of uncovering the best in Progressive Hip-Hop.  Look for 30 minute length episodes that will drop consistantly once a month for now on.  Enjoy this week's tracklist presented by Nasa, as always.

Beat Played - The Core by Awkward (Metal At the Core)

1 - Oddest Future - Short Fuze & Nasa (Oddest Future Maxi-Single)

2 - N.R.T.M. - Tomorrow Kings (N****r Rigged Time Machine)

3 - Eat Your Mistakes - Def Goldbum (We Are the Fly)

4 - Metal Arms (featuring Uncommon Nasa) - Bloodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats (The Art of Self Destruction) UNCOMMON EXLCLUSIVE

5 - Llama Meat - Webtrip (Webtrip)

6 - Deaf Ear (featuring PremRock) - Ill Clinton (The Illvolution)

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Semi-Sad News, Nasa has to put Uncommon Radio on hiatus for a few months.  He explains he won't be back until 2014 just to keep all the listeners updated.  THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LOYAL LISTENERS!  He also had to drop some joints while he had your attention.  Here's what got played:

1 - Two Days - Uncommon Nasa

2 - Hack - Billy Woods

3 - Barring All Likeness - KA

4 - Old Friend - Quelle Chris (feat. Cavalier)

5 - Bible Paper - Alchemist & Prodigy

6 - For the Birds - Kingdom Crumbs

7 - StrangeFresh - KnifeFight

8 - Left Coaster - Uncommon Nasa (feat. Subtitle, Megabusive, BeOnd, Open Mike Eagle & Gajah)

Beat during intro by Nasa.

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It's Baaaaack!  Uncommon Radio returns after Nasa Labs moves locations to bigger and bolder surroundings!  Nasa talks about the move and the time away from the show along with dropping an exclusive track from Milo's new upcoming "Calvacade" EP.

1 - A Cold Day - Atari Blitzkrieg

2 - Spiral Event - DuRag Dynasty (feat. Evidence)

3 - Kareoke - Issuez (feat. Billy Woods)

4 - Sophistry & Illusion (feat. Nocando) (UNCOMMON EXCLUSIVE)

5 - The Thrill - Hype Wonder

6 - Mirrors - Lark Vorheez

7 - The Bleedout - Aeon Grey

8 - Napolean Rhymanite (Afterparty Mix) - Express Fresh

9 - Beautiful Life - Senz Beats (feat. Megabusive)

10 - Amazon Zenith - Pruven

11 - Addition Cycles - Quelle Chris (feat. Cavalier)

12 - Synergy - Acid Reign

Both beats taken from "Salade de Concombres Vol. 2".  First one by Le Parasite, Second one from Koi.

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Nasa talks about his trip to SXSW in Austin, TX this year as well as other assorted 9-5 related flights.  He also played the following progged out bangers:

1 - Left of Right - Aeon Grey

2 - Then He Rose - Cult Favorite

3 - Long Tokes - Quelle Chris feat. Cavalier

4 - Bust Out the Loop - Acid Reign & Awkward

5 - Choose - Prince Po & Tom C3

5 - Frequent Flyers (Waatu Remix) - Uncommon Nasa feat. Prince Po - UNCOMMON EXCLUSIVE

6 - Burn Everything - ECID

7 - Falling Asleep At the Wheel - Carl Kavorkian feat. Broken Klutch

8 - Call Me Castro - Curly Castro

9 - Magnetic Northwest - Giovanni Marks

10 - Red Light, Green Light - L.A. feat. Dayne Jordan

11 - Same Shit - Oh No feat. Psalm One & Rapsody

12 - What's Wrong - Marco Polo feat. Rakim

13 - Shell On Earth - Mario Deep aka Teddy Faley

14 - Elixers - Cor Stidak & Keor Meteor feat. Cordova

All beats played on the show were by Mr. Len from his new EP, "The Marvels of Yestermorrow".

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Nasa returns with a new episode, he explains why he's been away and breaks down the vaiue of discovering music from a variety of eras, not just the current one.  Here's the tracklist:

1 - Frequent Flyers - Adam Warlock (feat. Prince Po)

2 - Laying Hands - Carl Kavorkian

3 - Generation Fresh - Acid Reign (feat. Express Fresh)

4 - Milk & Bullets - Aeon Grey

5 - Biltmore - Elucid

6 - Controlled Riots - Oh No (feat. Souls of Mischief)

7 - Monoverse - Mononauts

8 - Truth Layer - Maxx Reebo & Waatu

9 - Teacha Will Appear - Akbar

10 - Homecoming - Venomous2000 & DJ Priority (feat. Marie Kanu)

11 - Caged - The Jealous Guys

12 - Sacrifice - Group Home (feat. Absaloot) (UNCOMMON THROWBACK)

13 - Affluence - Shinobi Stalin, Unique Assasin, Word Chemist & DJ Stranger

14 - Yada, Yada - Supastition

15 - Who Shot Ya - Gift Revolver

16 - Dedication (Gangstarr) - Freestyle

17 - Academy Dropouts - Crop Circles720 (feat. Snagneto of Antibiotics)

18 - Canibalistic Behavior - Chosen & Black-Tokyo

All beats played on the show were by Lamebot.

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